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When you join Walnut Valley Women's Club you automatically become a member of the San Gabriel Valley District, the California Federation of Women's Clubs and the over-arching Federation of Women's Clubs.

Walnut Valley Women's Club (WVWC)
San Gabriel Valley District #20 (SGVD)
California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC)
General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC

wvwc(WVWC) is non-partisan, non-sectarian and multi-cultural. Currently, our club is a medium-sized club with 33 members. Through the years, our club has made numerous contributions to our community.

History: Fifteen female community activists and friends from the small, but growing, City of Walnut, California, decided that they would be more effective if they were part of a larger organization. They joined the General Federation of Women's Clubs and elected Margaret Studts as their first president. GFWC-Walnut Valley Women's Club was Federated June 23, 1964, and incorporated May of 1969.

Executive Board:
President - Terry Perkins
First Vice President/Dean - Shari Kovach
Second Vice President/Ways and Means - Yvonne Sevilla
Third Vice President/Membership - Sharon Altman
Recording Secretary - Carrie Bass
Corresponding Secretary - Karolyn Hunt
Treasurer - Sue Hogenauer
Community Improvement Program - Judie Stickles
Parliamentarian - Genny Rigoli

SGVD(SGVD) consists of 28 Federated Clubs with a combined membership of about 1,600. It is located in Area B of the California Federation of Women's Clubs. It is also a member of the International General Federation of Women's Clubs.

Activities:  Councils (Spring, Fall, Birthday), Reciprocity, special projects, monthly meetings
Annual Convention:  Fullerton Marriott, April, 2019

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California Federation of Women's Clubs title(CFWC) is part of the international community service organization. The object of the CFWC is to unite the influence and enterprise of California women, to carry on among member clubs a definite educational program along the lines of moral, social welfare and civic interests

Activities:  Annual Convention-- May, 2019

Headquarters:  3350 Shelby St., Suite 200, Ontario, CA 91764

History:  CFWC started as the coming together of various independent Women's Clubs in Los Angeles--most notably The Friday Morning Club and the Ebell Club. Caroline Severance (abolitionist, suffragette, mother and homemaker) is credited with founding both clubs and Clara Barton Burdette brought them, and others, into the fold of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. Burdette moved to San Francisco and concentrated 61 existing, northern and southern California women's organizations together to form the CFWC as part of the GFWC January 17, 1900.

Many women's clubs built or renovated buildings to facilitate the advancement of women's and children's political and social issues, for study, self-improvement and to promote the arts, literature and culture. At the time, married women did not have solid property rights, so clubs routinely formed stock corporations to raise, invest, and hold property for the establishment of club houses. Unmarried women were recruited to serve as treasurers and secretaries in charge of club finances.

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General Federation of Women's Clubs title(GFWC) is an international women's organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. It is the largest organization of volunteer women in the world with approximately 9 million members worldwide. It is also the oldest women's volunteer organization in the United States.

Activities:  Their national project is scholarships to help intimate partner abuse survivors obtain post-secondary education.
Annual Convention--June, 2019

Headquarters:  National Historic Landmark
                         1734 N Street, NW, Washington, D. C.

History:  GFWC was founded in 1890. Our story begins in 1868 after passage of the 14th amendment which extended the rights of all citizens, including women. Women were campaigning to stimulate the intellectual interests and establish their place in the community that expanded outside the home.

One of the pioneers was professional journalist, Jane Cunningham Croly (pen named Jennie June). After female journalists were denied admission to a dinner honoring novelist Charles Dickens at the men-only press club, she responded by forming the first women-only organization--the Sorosis Club.

Over the next 22 years, other like-minded women formed social (mostly reading) clubs throughout the nation. In 1889, Ms. Croly invited independent women's clubs to a convention in New  York City with the intent of pursuing federation. Her goal was achieved six years later when 63 clubs formed the General Federated Women's Clubs. They were Chartered in 1906. Eleanor Roosevelt was an influential member of the GFWC.

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Notable Accomplishments title
Women's Clubs have made many local, state and federal contributions to society.

WVWC title

  • Restored Rowland Adobe Redwood Ranch House in Lemon Creek Park as the city's Bicentennial project. Now on National Registry of Historic Places.
  • Donated Grand Piano to Walnut High School's Performing Arts Dept.
  • Installed blue fire hydrant markers in residential streets throughout the city
  • Donated a van to HARTT Center for student transportation to jobs and outings
  • Purchased Jaws of Life for Walnut Fire Station #61
  • Awarded College Scholarships to several local high school students each year during the past 25+ years
  • Purchased Air Hockey game for Walnut Teen Center

Donating van to HARTT Center image

CFWC title 

  • Women as elected School Board Members and Librarians
  • Women's Suffrage in California (1911)
  • Regulation of Public Utilities (1913)
  • Statewide initiative, referendum and recall system
  • Workers' Safety
  • Public Education System
  • Kindergarten in public schools
  • Effectively lobbied for Health Care, Pure Milk Legislation, School Lunches, After-school Playgrounds and Juvenile Courts

Terry at lecturn SGVD meeting image

  • Opening the door for working women. First step:  campaign for women to be allowed to work as secretaries, bookkeepers, nurses and teachers. Next:  acceptance into professional fields.
    Ongoing:  equal pay for equal work and equal occupational opportunities
  • National Voting rights for women
  • Public libraries. Women's Clubs established 75% of the nation's libraries
  • Supported legislation for 8-hour work day; 1st child labor laws; equal pay for equal work.
  • Supplied the national model for juvenile courts
  • Started an alcohol and drug abuse education program for women and children
  • Instituted a youth suicide prevention program
  • Founded GFWC Women's History and Resource Center in Washington D. C.

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GFWC-Walnut Valley Women's Club, a 501c3 non-profit service club,

                                                               is a member of San Gabriel Valley District,

                                                             California Federation of Women's Clubs and

                                                        the national General Federation of Women's Clubs


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